cosySituated away from prying eyes in the residential neighbourhood of the imposing Namur fortress, NE5T hotel offers you 4 suites and 2 duplexes in totally different styles.

It is within absolute comfort and a personalised and congenial welcome that we host you during your stay.


Our WellNE5T area welcomes you in a small reception facility hosting a maximum of 5 people at a given time.
It is thus within a peaceful area dedicated to relaxation that you will immerse yourself in the most tranquil and refined of ambiances.



Our linkNE5T area meets your wish to prepare your meetings in a peaceful and ideal site for you to concentrate on your teambuilding activities, business meetings, conferences, etc.
Our private restaurant only welcomes groups of between 8 and 16 people. We offer a cuisine which is simple, for food lovers, based on fresh and seasonal products. 



La plage d'Amée

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